Friday, December 5, 2014

Abandonment and Abuse: The Cycle of American Violence and the Current Ignorance that is Us (an opinion)

Just One Varmint's Opinion
Teeth are bared, snarling. The sound of laughter, corrupted by spite and hate. It should be a joyous time, a fruitful time of plenty.

Technology has delivered us so many opportunities, from burgeoning space exploration, rapidly advancing communications and power sources, to new transportation opportunities and space-age medical practices.

Religions have spread and flourished, have taken their word to all of the people available through these new technological advances.

Governments have grown their reach, their programs, their power of influence in our lives.

So where have these institutions and advancements failed us so that the world sits on the brink, daily a powder keg?

From the pulpit, the religious shrieking would have us believe the problems of the world are all the fault of some missing God, some absence of divine intervention, or the failure to follow some ancient text, which each dogmatic zealot in turn has somehow managed to decipher to deliver "God's" message to the heathen of the world, which, by the way, necessarily includes the majority of people who at any given time exist on this planet with beliefs different from the aforementioned zealot.

Technology, the vast majority of the time, is siphoned out to the public through business, or occasionally governments. But always siphoned with parallel agendas, which most often include enriching someone, or group of someones who feel entitled to control the rest of us, either out of some arrogant belief of their superiority, or some benevolent belief in their superiority. The unifying notion is superiority.

We, the common people, the masses, the citizenry, have, at different times, been compared to sheep, zombies, mobs, robots, rats and various other not so admirable entities. Unfortunately, without a focal point of strong, possibly heroic leaders, to act as our bullhorn, we cannot organize or effect change, or even begin to coalesce a common message. Which, leads us back to these zealots, these arrogant leaders who will interpret the message for us, from the book, the law or the balance sheet.

How do we solve this? Ah...the $24,000 question! I can't claim to know how to solve the problem of everyone solving the problems. I don't want a following. I don't want to be a hero. I instinctively mistrust anyone who wants to lead others. This prejudice can be overcome, if these leaders follow a straight path of good stewardship, reason and strength. But I will always keep my eye on them, always trust more in their fallibility than their strength. Constant vigilance!

So as annoying as a crowd of people can be, as irritating and dangerous as "the mob" might seem, that is where I feel I need to stand. But then, of course, we have the question of which mob. And if these mobs are following the "arrogant leader" which one? And I assure you I am no "joiner." My mistrust of mob mentality is right up there with my mistrust of the individuals in charge. But it is a question of the lesser of two evils.

Oh, and I'm sorry to tell those easily fatigued by the written word, this has more or less been a preface to my thought. Run away now and you will likely find a comment on which to "Like" or a meme to share that somehow miraculously expresses the nuances of society. I do the same thing. We all do the same thing. There, as I will so boringly reiterate, is the rub.

My concern is that people nowadays use snippets, memes, blurbs, snapshots and cut quotes to fine tune their focus, but only on half the picture. We see clearly...we know strongly... we shout loudly our chopped up, spoon fed ideas about the horse we ride, while missing the oncoming stampede. This, is at very best, a dangerous situation, and more likely than not, the elements of a communal stomping of some one or other, perhaps even us...all.

I DON'T WANT TO STOMP ANYONE! I am not weak! I am not scared! I am not overly soft! I just do not want to abandon ANY member of my family, of my community, of my country, of humanity.

And this is what I see. Satan, ignorance, hate, I don't care what world view you use to interpret the universe...but this "bad...evil...hateful" crap needs to be the enemy. And if you look at those "higher principalities," or social constructs, or psychological aspects of our persons and don't see that, then, dear reader, you are flawed in some emotional way that needs a major overhaul.

We can start this by slapping ourselves! By focusing in on the whole picture. No matter who you are, or what you predominantly identify your person with, be it African, European, Asian, victim, Communist, merchant, corporate company man, patriot, cop, crook or fry your personal value and pride on your intellectual ability to perceive events and incorporate the empathy which is so human, which strengthened us to a place unmatched by the other creatures breathing on the planet.

When you see a human being beaten, choked, shot or stabbed...FEEL IT!!!

Do not abandon cops to fight criminals with assault rifles, then complain that they want to arm themselves with tanks. Where were you? Were you in the streets when no-one stopped the rampant spread of guns and gangs?

Do not abandon black men, women and children who are profiled by cops, by banks, by each other. They ARE US! If you see the picture with wider eyes, you realize. We...are us.
I pray for a day when people who do not cherish the lives and contributions of people from other walks, other skin tones, other histories open their eyes to the bigger picture. Even if you are not knowledgeable enough to understand that people are mostly the same, even if you falsely believe that someone with a different ethnicity, different history, skin, hair or hat, is somehow significantly not like you... why fear them? Why not embrace the strength that is human?    

Do not laugh and taunt the Southern man who wants to honor his history. No! We should absolutely NOT have Confederate WAR FLAGS hanging on government buildings. And if you put one on your truck're basically crapping on a whole bunch of human beings, of Americans, who have ancestors that were stalked, shot, captured, raped, drowned and generally dehumanized by an entire system, a system some components of which you are still defending. But if we try to see the whole picture, we realize our Southern brother has feelings, has a history. One we, as a society, should definitely not forget, for all its good and ill.

Unfortunately, this aspect of the problem of current human ignorance, as I see it, has so many examples available to share. We could go on and on about how one group does not see through the eyes of another, how professors, preachers and politicians perpetuate this ignorance at times,and some for the advancement of their agendas, or just through ignorance or greed. As I stated before, this is an opinion. This is the World As I See It.      

The defiler, the dividers, Satan be hatin', kill your bother he is not like you people have been in charge before, it can be argued that they have always been. Look throughout history. Don't follow them. Don't follow them! DON'T FOLLOW THEM! No matter what kind of "them" they are. If they sit in a seat of power, tell you how to think, and do not preach peace, love and done with them. Judge a tree by its fruit. Whether it is a Muslim tree, Christian tree, Buddhist or Business tree, cop tree, food producer tree, etc. Stop letting the labels blind you to only half the picture. Together, the people of love can overcome.

The hate. 

I wish strength to all who oppose it.

Here's a tune by the enlightened and insightful Mr. George Scherer to take you home: 




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