Monday, December 15, 2014

An Open Letter to @God

Pic by Blok Glo

As you well know I do not believe in the traditional sense of you. I just cannot bring myself to believe that you fly around in the clouds with wings and stuff, or get angry and make it thunder, or, y'know, cause the sea to roil and the like. 

It would be wonderful, to imagine you scooping me up, removing all of my cares and burdens. I would try not to be naughty. I would say great things about you. But, we would both be lying. You know that. It couldn't last. 

My sense of wonderment with your creation would kick in and I would again find it completely impossible for you to be just some guy, with beard and balls, who wants me to tell him how great he is. 

And then there's Jesus. Man oh man how I wish I could believe in Jesus. I would NEVER HAVE TO DIE! NEVER! And I would be brother to so many cool people who believed in love, except for those who hate gay people, and think the races are an indication of the divisions from Eden, and, well, just all that mythological stuff that makes it impossible for me to go along with it. But man, I wish. I DO NOT WANT TO DIE! And this whole concept that I could really NEVER die is intoxicating, what love. But the catch would be to believe in something I don't believe. How does that work?

Now here's the trick, I could go into all the other versions of Gods and concepts of Gods, and Gods as planets, or energy, or whatever. But that isn't it either, for me. Because people who believe in that, well they're trying to capture you. And I feel I know better. This is my own delusion. Because in all the infinite space that is time and matter and thought and dreams, who knows, maybe you are a tiny baby who wants to be rocked to sleep, confused by everything that is. Who am I to say?

So without the blasphemy of attempting to know what you are, or are not, I'll just direct this to whatever the Hell you are, and let you sort it out. 

About everything...I don't get it. Could you please use some kind of humanly recognizable form of communication and explain what is going on? And I don't mean some other human being who happens on this post taking it upon themselves to tell me what they think you mean by it all. I would totally and completely listen to a talking donkey or a light from the sky, for reals. But I would need a few other people standing there with me to catch it all too. Otherwise I would just be psychotic.  

PS. I love the whole NEVER DYING bit. Can we get one of those for the well reasoned, rational, thinking people of the world? 


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