Monday, December 8, 2014

@AndruGreenwood and I connected on #Twitter. I listened...

Andru has happy elves who work for him, bringing him coffee so he can create and share his music, as it bleeds through his hands.

It's late, a long day, a long weekend. I was attracted to this piece because I think he meant to name it Illuminatio as some kind of simple code, probably fed into his dreams by the large elf who tucks him in at night. It could have just been a drunk penning moment from a paranoid, conspiracy theory driven mind, or someone just fell asleep one letter too quickly.  

I decided to flow with it, and wanting to write about it, I further decided to put it on a loop. I was really grooving on it. I felt like there was something going on, like maybe I was experiencing some kind of mental tick. What I didn't realize was that the beat which had gone awry, in a cool kind of way, was just my failure to close out one of the Soundcloud links. So two of Andru's songs were playing at the same time. I'm very thankful that I eventually figured this out. But it did give a real Sunvarmintish kind of kick.  It's funny that they sounded good together.


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