Thursday, December 11, 2014

#BhamDec31 -Everyone in #Bham is Invited to Use this #Tagging System. - #BhamNewYearsEve

The main goal of FreePressMusic has always been to keep music freely accessible and to support Birmingham and area musicians, no strings attached. I've striven to provide inter-connectivity, aid in networking and support promotions, hoping it would help allow area musicians to flourish, while FreePressMusic remained somewhat in the background.  

My reward for this has always been connecting with local music, and a sense of accomplishment from turning simple things into effective things. I also love the community building and consciousness raising influence musicians have, through their music and many other points of connection with fans. So it has been fun to be part of, as...frankly, we've seen Birmingham go from a relatively disjointed music town to one of great love and bonding between area musicians. 

Some people have meshed with FreePressMusic and what we have done over the years, some have not been deeply involved, but still part of the community. This just is, as it should be. But as my personal selfish reward, I am SO thankful for the many times FreePressMusic has helped connect musicians, get the word out, or provide any support to such a cool group of people. 

Well, if it sounds like I'm going somewhere, sorry...that isn't my intent. I enjoy what I do, and enjoy you too much. It's just that I put my mind to freedom at every chance I can. Not to deny anyone a living, or make "things" free, but to aid in a free flow of information, open the doors for people to see and hear, buy and see a show. If it seems like I'm being grandiose, forgive me. In fact I realize the little nudges we've given, the background noise we've made, the nearly hidden aspects of what FreePressMusic has done. Those who know, know. That makes it more fun.

I will continue to provide this background support for as long as I can, in whatever way possible. One such thing is my new little system, a system I would like to invite everyone who has anything to share in Birmingham, anything date specific, to use. Nope, like everything else I do, it isn't rocket science. Because I'm not a rocket scientist. But it is an effective method for sharing information. 

It's organization. With social media, how do you get your information seen and not jumbled up with every other post in the world? How can you organize things so that they will show up in some useful fashion during searches? Well, you hashtag of course. Although hashtagging has become somewhat the subject of bad jokes, it actually has the potential to be used as a valuable communication tool. Just ask any revolutionary. Well, here's my simple, revolutionary, suggested format, and why:

I have created widgets. These widgets can and should be created by any and every person attempting to accumulate information and share it out through social media. Whether or not others repeat this action of creating widgets, as I shall do in FreePressMusic pages, the simple hashtag method performs just as well without any backup. When a systematic hashtag is put in place, merely clicking on it in whichever given platform you're using, such as Facebook or Twitter, provides cross reference for each time said hashtag is used. It's an easy concept, we just aren't using them right yet.

Three examples of my system, which can be used for any given date: #BhamDec12 #BhamDec23 #BhamDec14
and so on (header on post will indicate what year). Providing the essential data in the hashtag while keeping it as short as possible will allow for wider, more consistent use. Until now hashtags in our area have been too focused in on a single person's endeavor, or, on the other end of the spectrum, about too wide a range of possible posts. Everyone who has an event to share, in my opinion, could benefit from this system. So much so that I took the time to write all this, and you to read it. 

Merry Christmas, here's your hashtag system.         

See it in action at this link-        

Sorry, I couldn't afford to get everyone a sweater. This is like if I made everyone a mix-tape! 


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