Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jeb Bush in 2016? One Varmint's Opinion on Why We Don't Need Another Bush in the White House

Pic by Gage Skidmore

Jeb Bush has announced his intention to announce his intention to explore the possibility of running for the President of the United States.

It's my expert opinion, as a professional Varmint, that putting another Bush in the White House is a bad idea on so many different levels.  Do we really want another Bush in the White House, with all the potential, qualified candidates out there? 

My main issue would be WHY JEB? It's like children of actors who can't act, but get the roles anyway. It's like children of musicians who have nowhere near the charisma of their parents but still manage to get a following and a record deal, y'know, like Phish, or Widespread Panic. 

The only thing going for Jeb Bush, is his Bush. 

I have to say, on the surface, he seems likeable, as did his father and brother. That's great. I recall feeling sorry for George W. Bush when he was attacked, so personally at times. The only thing that eased my concern there, was the complete arrogance with which he responded to the feelings of approximately half the nation. Oh, and many of the criticisms seemed on point, if overly personal. As for Jeb's Father, George H. W. Bush, his deadpan, soft, almost effeminate delivery of excuses for his failing policies was always a major stickler. His "Read My Lips" proclamation, and later recanting were just humiliating.      

John Ellis Bush (Jeb) is representative of dynasty making. Government is a large part about connections. This is to be expected...somewhat. But what type of connections, and with whom? "The Jeb" running for President would be no surprise.  Because he's been expected to run ever since George Herbert Walker Bush was president. But didn't we suffer through a revolution against another George and his family? Shouldn't we be very concerned that we have set up this oligarchy? Are we just to assume that all of Jeb and his wife's little Bushes will be running around the White House one day, giving orders?  

Jeb's record as Governor of Florida is lackluster at best. As a proponent of all things high tech, I'll admit to a bias against him for his role in killing the Florida high speed rail initiative. Just when the rest of the world is moving forward with new technologies, it's hard to support anyone who doesn't have a strong record in that area. America needs strong leadership on R&D and a healthy partnership with the right tech companies.

His economic record as Governor of Florida is firmly pre-Tea Party, somewhat Clinton/Reagan-esque Republican, which puts his ideas somewhere in the middle by today's standards, pushing and getting tax breaks and forcing funding cuts. He is definitely a business man's guy. This stands to reason, given his work history and family ties. His career began in banking, working for James Addison Baker III, a figure you might remember from previous Republican administrations, at the Texas Commerce Bank, where Jeb "worked" his way up through the ranks. Then later, after his move to Florida, with his self proclaimed goal of wanting to "...be very wealthy" he dabbled in a number of businesses, selling equipment for pipelines, shoes and real estate. I guarantee you he did not know much about putting the soles on the shoes. It was all about connections. He made his way as a Bush.   

He does have a connection with Hispanic voters. His wife was born in Mexico to very humble beginnings. Jeb speaks fluent Spanish and has worked alongside a number of different Hispanic businessmen, partnering, for one, with a Cuban immigrant/millionaire in a lucrative real estate business. But this is all upper echelon stuff. Sure, it could be pawned off for politics, as Hispanic friendly. But, if it does anything, it actually confirms his dynastic underpinnings. With the exception of his wife, his connections seem to be almost entirely Bush clan buddies, or big business.      

The Bush boys are like Rockefellers, only all dimmed down. Believe me, if it's Jeb against Hillary in 2016, what that says about our country is so incredibly sad. Give me a transgender, lead singer for a retro 80's band. Or I want to see some guy, girl or even gorilla who clawed his or her way to the top, or some simple farmer who grows beans, not a giant agribusiness, suit wearing Bush.


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