Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Modern Christian?" You're Probably Really a #Deist...and Should be Proud of the Good Company - (An Observation)

Do you hold stock in the scientific method?

Do you use a cell phone, a computer, watch television and drive a car?

Do you believe that the things in the world can be observed, seen, measured and are real?

Do you NOT actually hear an actual human voice above your head in your room, or talking to you from a goat or a cow or a beam of light telling you what to do?

Have you NOT been instructed by some supernatural being to take your child to the top of the closest building and slit his throat, just to prove your loyalty?

With all the evidence around you, as a sane and reasonable person, that the Bible might just contain stories, do you still believe in a sentient God?

I'm not talking to the atheists here. We know what they believe. It's to be respected that they have concluded NOT to believe in a God for the sake of convenience, or self interest, fearing some completely delusional, unfounded and NOT found in the Bible, representation of Hell. It has been observed by anyone forced into this argument "you just gotta have faith!"

Well, to be honest, the only real observable reason to have faith, as a Christian, is to delude yourself into believing something which claims as evidence only itself. Believe the words in the Bible because the Bible tells you it's true. This self delusion is being reflected at tables, and bedsides, from pulpits and preachers, in mosques and prayer groups and anywhere where people have chosen to seek God through the perception that some singularity of divine purpose has been directed through the minds and pens of certain men, and become some magical power to which you now must adhere and obey.

This is quite certainly, the true abomination.

I believe so strongly in a sentient God, a singularity of consciousness, a root to this universe, and any other throughout time, in all directions physically and temporally, and in directions and dimensions and constructs and things currently unknowable to our brain. I have a relationship with this REAL GOD which you cannot divide through your primitive superstitions, your blasphemous notion that you have somehow captured this being with pen and ink, or ridiculous icons. I admire your desire. You want to be close to this God. You want to do what you are supposed to do.

Well, you've missed.

Judge the tree of religion by the fruit it bears. This is no judgement on God. You have failed. Your religions have failed. If you judge the tree of religion by its fruit, you will see the poison therein, the death, fighting, ignorance, false prophets, greed, corruption, and lack of truth.

This is not even a judgement on the Bible. I have known some who have found enlightenment through its path. The words, the mantra, the lessons, interpreted by wise men. But these men who lead you, they are not wise. They dumb you down. I challenge you to share with me a man, leading a flock, who is wise and truthful, whose definition of Christianity, or Islam, or any sect of the many known as Hinduism...Share with me a man who does not speak obvious lies about the world.

I know there is a God. It's an instinct to me. I've read the King James Bible from start to finish several times. And I have to tell you, I didn't get ignorance from IT. From many of YOU maybe. But not from IT. You need to read it all the way through. BY YOURSELF! Don't just sit on a pew, or watch the TV, letting some super fallible, egomaniac slice apart your spiritual book and feed you bite by bite. The one thing I know for a fact. Modern Christians, who would follow their own book, would not behave in the many ways I've seen spewing out bile and judgement. If you use the bible as your source. KNOW YOUR SOURCE! FOLLOW IT! And then I can get along with you.

And if you're like me, you know there is a God, but have this personal held belief attacked from all sides, by the ignorance of some other believers, by the defensiveness and over-generalization of some atheists, by the need to convert you to one side or another. If you're like me and can view and understand the burgeoning revelations scientific discovery imparts, you've studied some part of the physical world and do not need to deny the fact of evolution to still feel connected to's OK. You're like Thomas Jefferson. You are like the man who all other men of his time, of our Founding Fathers, respected enough to codify what were supposed to be our guiding documents.

This new breed of false patriot, of religious mob zealot bent on corrupting the true history of our country, stealing the ideals expressed by those noble men of old, and folding them into their political agendas...they are corruption.

Thomas Jefferson was a Deist.

I am a Deist. This makes me proud. 



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