Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Bully Protocol - Expelling Satan and America's Need for New Magic

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Rick Santorum: Sanctum Santorum Preaching to his Flock.

Those of us who believe in the true concepts of our Founding Fathers, Liberty, Justice, Separation of Church and State, have been making some very BIG mistakes. We've been patting each other on the shoulder for all the accomplishments, the fruits of our labors...the creation of a sustainable middle class, with representation through self governance and self determination, modern medicine, cars and phones and stuff. We've believed for years that the ignorant destroyers of worlds would harken unto our reason, and stop tearing down the country we worked so hard to build, with its good standard of living, sanitation, equal rights for its citizens...

Boy have we screwed up!

The problem is, the voice of reason does not translate into the ear of magic. God, HIS very self and word, cannot penetrate the mystical delusion that guides these people. We have been attempting to go through their mind to reach their conscience. But there was no one there to answer the door. They've all been huddled up in the prayer room, praying for change. We've tried to reason with their minds, when they, are out of them.

HA! We say! How ridiculous! Well... perhaps when the very thing you need to change is living in the ether of ignorance and superstition, you need to enter that realm to track it down.

We, the reasoned, the patriots, the caring, the adherents to our Founding Fathers' principles, such as Equality, Education, Reason, Self Determination, Separation of Church and State, need to band together in a giant hall and PRAY this madness to end. We need a chant, a relationship with God that can penetrate the darkness of our brothers and sisters and help them see what they are doing.

Take Moses...  Moses, if we are to believe what we are told, was Charton Heston.  I have faith that this is so. So Mote It Be! Moses was spoiled! Moses did not know his real mother, having been raised and coddled by Anne Baxter. But he was guided from inside, by fate, by the invisible hand of God, by...truth (that's what we call it) ...he heard his poor old gray haired mother, heard her words and was transformed. Then he did lots of really magical stuff! Even back then, in that little room, she extols the ideals in antithesis to NeoCon America...the rights of people to fair treatment etc...telling poor Charlie he is not her son. No...not if he is like that, believing in greed, avarice, treating men and women like cattle...Well, that convinced Charlie, and started the whole ball of wax that was Exodus.

What we need is Martha Scott to shame these newborn ignorant masses...or Moses, masses, Moses. Alas, So Mode It BE! Great and powerful. AMEN! Whaaaaaa! Can you feel it! Sorry, I was having a moment. God, the one with a beard and balls, was telling me something. That's how magic works sometimes. It gets in you (me), and the outside observer (you) can't understand it, can't get it, can't be saved...unless, that is, you believe. Then we won't have to torture and burn you forever and ever in a pit of hot coals while getting our disgusting little brother to poke you with a stick. AMEN!       

Full disclosure, as I've stated before, I believe in a sentient godhead. Not in any way like these chowder heads that run around spouting intolerance and fear, or really, much at all of the mystical aspects of the concept. I believe out, way out in the realm that is "all of existence,, through space and time and goo and pre-pre-future history and the land of "Zounds'"  emerging from its own energy, vibration and realized concept of existence, there is a sentient God, if you will (which you don't have to, but I might let my little brother poke and torture you if you won't).

I guess perhaps my visualization of "God" is more like the concept of Brahma...but really, not, In my mind, my instinct of God is in physical manifestation more of a ginger root shape, and...really...not. What blasphemy it is to try and capture the totality that either is, or is not, God and attempt to confine it to a book, or even a brain. The only way to know everything, is to be everything.

Back to the issue at hand. To quote the Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu (an action which will seem blasphemous only to those corrupted by Satan) "If you try to change it, you will ruin it, try to hold it, you will lose it." This is the true knowledge that God is ever elusive to all but God. But...see, those of whom we currently speak, do not worship God. They...worship things, words, the Bible, money, ignorance... They are the destroyers of worlds. These monotheists, not every one, but some of every ilk. These money-theists, with the magic bilk.

We, Brethren of Reason, Sisters of Science, absolutely must find our own magic. 


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