Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Party's Over, Everyone Go Home: Why Democrats are So Stupid (A Fair and Balanced Perspective)

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Just One Varmint's Opinion (Including Elipses)
 I'm Independent! I vote Independent! I think Independent! That being said, I can only remember a
very few Republicans I've voted for in the past thirty years. I have voted for a number of Independents (when they are allowed on any given ballot), and I have written in a few names, some as sarcasm, some wishful thinking.

One major factor in my choice never to vote Republican is the attitude of so many Republican supporters with whom I've had the pleasure of engaging in political debate.

This attitude of snarky, negativism has driven me time and again to consider Democratic candidates the obvious lesser of two evils. I did, after a very brief stint believing the Tea Party represented a new day in politics, return to my old habits of distastefully observing from the outside... feeling there is absolutely no one I consider my champion in the ring.

I'm not even really going to go into the Tea Party. They ran that ship aground so quickly it isn't worth my time. They may hold influence and have some die-hard supporters, but the entire world used to think the Earth was flat, and disease occurred because some angry, adolescent girl put a pin in a doll the time her father wouldn't let Josiah take her to the barn dance! I can't see their ignorance surviving long with the increased access people have to information (I hope).

And Republicans...How is it that they have so many supporters? With their methods, tactics and ideology being so snarky and negative, so unproductive and hurtful to our country, how do they pull it off?

How? ...It's PRIMAL man!

That is to say, it's "primal man" MAN! People wonder why anyone of African, Asian or Hispanic descent would ever support any Republican candidate, why people with non- mainstream lifestyles or choices or, frankly any non-wealthy, non-white, non-churchy person would be in their camp.

This is the thing! Republican ideology is simple. It might be wrong. It might be bad. It might be many things. But, it is simple. And it appeals in some ways to everyone. There isn't a person on the planet who doesn't sometimes feel like they just want to shake it all off and go beat something with a stick. Well, maybe a few. But the vast majority of us, Gays, Straights, Blacks, Whites, Democrats, Independents etc, still have the same primal feelings and needs for simple expression and understanding of our surroundings. The entire psyche is built from the ground up, day after day from the moment of birth, seeking those same basic rewards.

Somehow Democrats have lost touch with this. Or at least the message, platform and PR doesn't reflect this fact. One disadvantage is Democrats have given the ground floor away, and that's how everyone gets in and out of the building. All the information you attempt to impart on the human psyche flows in and out through the front door, passing through a throng of primal aspects of human evolution. You understand Evolution...but not this. So even if you manage to get your information through the mob of primitive thoughts, it will get scarred, beaten and damaged, so that it will fail to appeal to many people. It will not resonate with those who, maybe even just on a given day, or just about a single issue, allow their psyche to avoid ascension. This is your failure. You have failed these people.

At its basic core, the ideals and platform of the Democrats seem so admirable, equality, justice, food for the hungry, security for the elderly and infirm, power for the common man and reasonable foreign policy decisions. But you SUCK at it! Why? While you're extolling the virtues of modern democracy, of social planning and reason, you're failing to connect with the "you're not gonna take MY sandwich" mentality. And this is your prejudice. For all your ability to pontificate and theorize and reason, you've failed to realize the bottom line, which is the ground floor. Those basic/base "instincts" (if we need to get all sciency) are swirling around in everyone's basement. And the basement is where a lot of work gets done. The people in the basement let the people on the ground floor know when you're heading out. They hear it through the pipes, and blammo, the mob is waiting for you, to tear your message apart.

Well, what's the solution?  You either need to move to the first floor, which I assume won't go over well with many, whether we're talking metaphorically or actually. Or you band closely with the people who want to ascend. This you have failed to do. You have targeted your message about ascension to the outward aspects of humanity, to the groups, the colors, the languages, the schools of thought etc. It's entirely possible that criticisms of pandering are very valid. The trick is, that your opponents are pandering too... same song, different chord. The people who hear them, are just tuned lower. But the people to whom your message is lost are the very people you need to connect with in order to keep you in business. They can't hear you.

You need to find a champion who appeals to the primal man. The thinkers and educators will, more likely than not, be there too. Each of them has a psyche built on the shoulders of a child, with underlying childlike interests and ideas. THEY, can speak this language, the primal language. Some, cannot, do not or will not listen to a professorial, high class, highfalutin stiffo with his pretense and posturing. Why is Vladimir Putin so popular in Russia? Is it because he is fair, is reasonable? No, he does what he wants, gives the people who matter to him what they want, and takes his shirt off to wrestle bears. This is what your Republican opponents understand. They strive for, they get, they wish to have Putin appeal. It's what Ronald Reagan had. You can wrap up all kinds of message, in a sweetly written note, with a dash of perfume. But their message will be delivered more memorably as the one tied to a brick thrown through the window. Your message will sit on the table next to the lamp the brick knocked over and be completely ruined, if not burned up in a massive house fire.          

Wake up dumb-asses!  Shit's burning!


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