Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sunvarmint Rants: What to Do at The End of the World

This is a rant! 

There are millions of things a person who rants can attach his rantings to, race relations, welfare issues, governmental abuse of power, corruption, ugly cars, splinters, fried food, etc. You get the point. 

Like any other issue, ranting in and of itself is most likely relative in its effectiveness to communicate the subtleties of any given subject. Rants are intrinsically one sided. And rants rarely cross cultural boundaries well. 

Having said that all "rational like..." I'm sick and tired of some shit!

What the hell is wrong with people?! 

Monitoring the state of human dialogue is very depressing. For years I applauded the ability of "the masses" to readily communicate with one another through the burgeoning technology offered by the Internet, satellites, cable, etc.

I watched the snarky, often abusive comments in response to social media sharing of all types, with a guarded optimism, hoping that eventually people being exposed to one another would learn, would connect, would find improvement through their new found ability to interact.

Well, that shit ain't happening anywhere fast enough. It's headed in the wrong direction:

The recent incident involving the injuring of an elderly Indian man in Madison Alabama, the brutal burning and decapitating and just any old manner of murdering of anyone ISIS thinks is on the wrong side of Armageddon, the greed of the 1% that think they have some inherent right to accumulate such grotesque amounts of power and control over resources and policy, not to mention the fact that #BlackLivesMatter has been co-opted by every other group wanting to communicate their frustration. People yelling and bickering about every damn issue, either on street corners or on social media, not thinking through the details of their ideas, just filling the world with more bile. The corporate dismantling of journalism, the voice by which the people could at one time hear the truth. And yesterday my wife says to me "Lee, they've found poison in the honey."

Shit! We're killing the bees! We're killing the frogs! We're killing the trees! We're killing the air, the water, the butterflies! Goddamn it people! We're killing everything! We're destroying the Earth while at the same time eliminating the spirit of our goodness. 

I understand why some people cling to religion, to a notion of God, and angels and some far away place where we can go when we've filled this place up with shit! Too bad that this very false notion of some escape hatch from our own sins is one of the notions that perpetuates the sin. "It's OK! I'm forgiven and I get to go to a better place," (this rant is NOT directed at the "good shepherds." I know there are some).

And on the other side we have those telling us it's too late. We've screwed it up already too much to fix. Well, shit! That's just great. That is a load of crap. I don't want to go into the science of how we're destroying the planet. But I do want to go into the philosophy of it. We shouldn't give up, or convince people to give up, even if we're doomed. Damn!

So what am I doing? 

I'm looking for people. I'm looking all over the world to find people who aren't dumb-shits! I want to locate the non-ass-hats. I want to at least see them, even if it's the last thing I see before my head goes under the water. I want to hear them. And I want to understand them. I want to know that my children will have someone to talk to, to help, to share the recovery of the world. 

I want to speak. I want to be heard. I want to share a constructive interaction with good people.  


Things are flowing into balance.  

Where do we fit into that balance? What is the definition of "we" supposed to be? 

All around the world, people are singing, people are laughing, people are working, playing, killing, dying, fighting, loving, chopping off heads, healing sick children, building churches, schools and highways. 

People are doing. What are you? 



  1. I'm reading your rant and totally in sync with what you are saying. Sometimes though\, when I'm dealing w3ith an ignorant piece of ship it is very hard not to be snarky. I try to educate people when I see the need, but all too often they are holding on to their ignorance the way rednecks cling to their assault rifles. They refuse to even assume that there might be a valid point of view besides the one they espouse. It is truly depressing. If it weren't for the innocent creatures of nature I'd be tempted to say, "Let's just blow the place up and cleanse the universe of this blight called humanity." Sometimes it feels like it's gone too far to bring it back. Like the truly stupid have over-bred to the point of no return. It's all pretty depressing really.

  2. I completely agree , have you been reading comments on face book threads ? It's like man kind is at each others necks .
    I remember in the early days of the web ,people actually had conversations instead of talking AT people ... I feel like I'm not properly conveying my point, but I just have to say this rant has covered how I've been feeling for months.