Thursday, June 18, 2015

Be a Loving American: Shootings in South Carolina Church and Community Concepts of Race

Race is absolutely a false construct. 

Scientifically there is absolutely no defined genetic boundary between people which constitutes a "racial" divide. People across the planet exhibit numerous variations and a flowing, ever changing intermingling of genetic material.

Even if one wants to use different terminology and call it families, groups, breeds, or any other false construct of division there is no significant evidence that differences between groupings of people are anything more than cultural. Aside from certain inherent health markers prevalent in genetic groups from areas of the world, or from particular lineages which can be traced back to regional adaptation, there are no differences at all. 

Skin tone adapted to filter or absorb light in relation to the environment. Certain blood conditions evolved relative to survival rates of those exposed to localized strains of this or that. Everything we see as differences, those things that are so objectionable to those among us who are too short sighted or narrow minded to appreciate the joy that diversity of experience can provide for humanity, are cultural. These differences are all about what foods were available, where people lived, what clothes were needed... nothing more.

The problem with those of us who respect and appreciate science and truth is that we think this somehow makes a difference. We assume that once people realize the truth behind society's ignorant concept of race, it must lead to enlightenment. 

It does! Of course it does. The percentage of people who can use modern technology, read news online, be exposed to science, view other cultures through media, or personal exposure made possible by advances in travel, etc. is greater today than ever before. People are more informed about world events than at any other time in history.

But we, the modern, forward thinkers, hold it as certain that this will make a difference. We think it will make "that" difference. That difference we want it to make, bringing about peace, harmony and prosperity. 

This may, and hopefully will, eventually work out to be the result of our new found enlightenment. But revolving around this revelation, this truth that race is not in any way a credible scientific classification, darting in and out of our current human experience like some carnivorous psycho harpy, is a harsh reality. It continues to surge in, forging swaths of destruction and chaos, fueling hatred and murder in spite of our knowledge of Truth.

People, are the problem with people. 

We could have it all, if not for ourselves. We continue to delude ourselves with ancient concepts and outdated ideas that will only serve to cause us pain and suffering. It's all tangled up together in the minds of the fearful, the hateful and the naive. People willing to be led down the path of stupidity by their failure to investigate the world around them. They trust in the concepts spoon fed to them by those men and women corrupt enough to consider leadership as their birthright. Preachers, politicians, musicians, entertainers... you name it. The followers can find somewhere to nestle their heads. 

The curious, inquisitive, forward thinkers among us, who can see the potential for discovery in the Universe, both within and without, are aghast. Because that is the community with which these gentle people identify, the community of being aghast, the one which can't comprehend the hatred and fear. But those harsh realities are also the truth of things. People live in communities. They divide themselves up by thoughts, looks, likes, wants, beliefs, etc. 

Today we are blessed with so much inter-connectivity that we can merge more easily with multiple communities. This modern inclusivity is our only chance at a harmonious, balanced society. Acts like the shooting in South Carolina are further evidence that this inclusivity is needed. The idea that we can all live side by side but still consider ourselves inherently different is untenable. We need the cohesion of commonality. 

Constantly we are assaulted with a barrage of ignorance from social media, traditional media, people on the elevator, images in magazines that strategically divide us into demographics. Diversity is essential in maintaining a healthy culture. Of course we need all the elements of society to bring their differences into the fold. But yes, there must be a fold. And therefore we must allow ourselves to be part of something, part of the greater community. 

The murderer in South Carolina was mentally ill. Regardless of any clinical diagnosis, this person was suffering from an illness. Police who brutalize citizens, thugs who brutalize their victims, the state when it brutalizes inmates, a husband who brutalizes his wife, the football player who brutalizes his date, are all suffering from the illness of brutality. 

This community, our community, needs to pull together and care for these people before they get a gun in their hand. As tragic as this incident is, as obviously "racial" as these murders are, we have to come together, even those who self identify as different races, or religions. 

We are currently failing at that. Every person who excludes his fellow man based on skin tone, sub-culture, music preference, haircut, etc. is fueling this illness of brutality. As long as someone is "different," less human, not of you, they are easier to dismiss. We care less if "others" are beaten or murdered.

The commonality around which our community must coalesce is diversity. 

Acceptance of diversity in all aspects of life needs to be the rallying cry of every good-loving person in the world. This was once at least the proposed ideal of Americans. We had managed to pull from our past the positive attributes of our society, at least in our goals, if not always in our results. 

Of course there need to be core concepts. We pretty much have them right there in The Constitution. It is an anchor. It is adaptable. It has the potential to guide us even today. It has the potential to represent gay people, black people, white people, music lovers, lovers in general, lovers of beaches, etc. 

Bear with this digression briefly. It is all interconnected.

For decades, since WWII in fact, the chaos in the rest of the world and the weakness of a post-war world allowed the US and the Soviet Union to maintain a stranglehold on most everything. In as much as it was a cold war, it was also a partnership. Two common enemies which grasped the globe in a common, smoldering fear enabling governments and corporate interests to control most comings and goings of humanity.

In the absence of that, we have created terrorism. 

Granted, terrorism is a real thing, as was the cold war. But it is a thing, as was the cold war, that is steered, directed and manipulated by human beings. 

Just as we are controlled and manipulated by the international divisiveness, we are also controlled by it here at home. As long as things are compartmentalized, they are easier to manage. So the divisive hatred and racial warfare that we see taking place still today, is part of a system of repression and control which is once again evidence of the illness of brutality.

People who have fallen victim to this illness of brutality must, of course, be effectively treated or removed from society, either until they are better, or permanently if necessary.

One thing that must be remembered is that our soldiers are exposed to this on a day to day basis. Our police are exposed to it on a day to day basis. Whether they were trained and conditioned to perpetrate it, or have simply succumbed to it via exposure, some of these men and women charged with protecting us and our freedoms have fallen prey to the illness. Expecting them to deal with a world of violence without being affected and harmed by it is ridiculous.   

Yes, even those sitting high atop the mountain, though wrapped in the physical comforts of power and material things, are in absence of the family of man. Though some think themselves benevolent in their arrogance, that they are somehow "guiding" humanity, the powerful are infected even more so. They consider themselves inherently different.

The perpetrators are also victims of this illness of brutality.

Whether or not murders like those of the innocent people in Charleston are coordinated, some part of some sick, delusional race war, or they are just the demented act of some sick young man who fell victim to his own warped mind, the problem is obviously systemic. And it is spreading.

America is our community. America has an illness. America is in trouble.

This spiraling fear that has begun to take hold in all aspects of our lives is man made. We can argue till we're blue in the face who exactly is behind the fear, the hatred, the spiraling. We can debate day and night, search and seek for the people pulling the strings. Each group as it identifies itself, or others identify respective groupings, whatever they are, can continue to find the points of separation that provide for this dividing and conquering of America, which, regardless of its genesis, authors and actors, is definitely a thing which is occurring, if only in as much as we might just be violently conquering our potential and future, as opposed to conquering the common enemy of failure. 

Whether we identify others or ourselves by race, religion, what we do, what we watch, what we eat, how we dress, what we listen to, we can still put all our efforts into creating a healing environment for all. Difference does not need to mean war and strife and struggle. Why has it? Why does it?

With the exception of some obvious nation building, foreign policy nightmares, New American Century, American Exceptionalist, NWO, WHO and World Bank maneuvers designed to cement the direction of world affairs toward the benefit of established monied interests, and just the generally fucked up nature of human relations these days, the ground level interaction between humans is too complex to be effectively orchestrated and manipulated if people give half a shit. This kind of crap has always occurred. Yet somehow there are times when humanity gets its shit together a little better than it currently does. It seems like when we collectively admit that the powers that be are in one way or another not looking out for our best interests, we do better. But perhaps we can't blame every shitty thing that happens on the higher ups. 

Some powers above the average person's pay grade, some cabal, conspiracy, corporate greed or demagoguery, or just our combined ignorance is leading us into dark times for sure. Who can be certain exactly what this problem stems from? Aside from the general knowledge that the haves don't give two shits about the have nots, those who say they can draw up the flow chart of evil are most assuredly pulling from some myth of explanation, cobbling together unfounded ideas into a flawed, generally self serving conclusion of their own bias, ignorance or hate.

The bottom line is to remember, regardless of the diagnosis, the prognosis sucks. It is obvious we are killing ourselves. 

Maybe all the chaos is stemming from the dark plans of some spell casters or puppet masters orchestrating some evil performance, piping like pied pipers to draw, us, their perceived rats into macabre self slaughter.

Who am I to say for sure. Could be. It would seem though, even if that is the case, even if there is some evil higher power playing the tune, perhaps it's simply time for the puppets to change their dance. 

All of this being said, I completely understand the desire many would have to tear Dylan Roof limb from limb, the young man who murdered 9 innocent church goers. I hold no blame for those who feel this way. His reasoning was completely insane. His targeting of people praying, so wrong. He allegedly stated his reasoning as the need for black people "to go" because they "rape our women" and are "taking over our country." That is just so fucked up. And on top of all that, he just killed people IN CHURCH...old people! 

What it is is sick. So, knowing hate to be a disease. I would only hope his illness doesn't spread even that much more. Embracing his hate, you become him.

And for any of you that feel even the slightest inkling of kinship with this young man's actions, regardless of your excuses and justifications, let me plead with you to get help. You really, truly need to find a priest and get an exorcism, even though I don't believe in that hocus pocus. For someone who even in the back of their mind thinks that killing old people in church is somehow justified, I will make an exception. You need a priest.    
My heart goes out to the latest victims of this mass illness and their families: Cynthia Hurd, Suzy Jackson, Ethel Lance, Rev. Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Hon. Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr., Rev. Sharonda Singleton, Myra Thompson. Mourn for them. Mourn for our country. Mourn for the lost souls in America and the soul of America that we have lost. 




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