Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hey You! It's Garbage! What Don't You Get? Don't Just Drop Your Cigarette....Butt!

You'll notice I used a little word play there in the headline. That's a funny place to start. Speaking of butts... I taught my kids how to clean up theirs long ago. I should not now have to teach grown people to clean up their butts. 

What is it about smokers that makes them oblivious to the side effects of their habit? This is from a former smoker, just so you know. I smoked for years. In the beginning, I did the same thing. I flipped my used butts on the ground like everyone else. There's something satisfying about flipping that butt in the air, a ritual of satisfaction, of completion. I guess, maybe like farting after eating way too much. Or a loud burp after a bad beer. 

Sure, I get it. Smoking itself is satisfying, like, maybe when you were a very young child, before you learned self control of any shape, form or fashion and you just peed your bed when you felt the urge. Yes, that was satisfying too. Just lie there and let it rip. But then, a little later, you realize you're just wallowing around in piss. Well! See?

That's what smokers do when they drop their shit wherever they want. Except in this case everyone else also has to lie in your piss.

I'm not one of those super anti-tobacco people. In fact, I could see myself possibly smoking a good quality cigar, or a pipe... at times. I would even consider a good quality, hand rolled cigarette. I used to smoke it all. But probably not now.

The fact that I can walk out my front door and divine whether or not my neighbor, who lives at the other end of the block is home, based on whether or not the air stinks, is something that fills me with little desire to ever smoke again. When I walk into the grocery store I absolutely hate getting stuck beside some of those people who obviously ride around in the car with their windows rolled up, puffing away, having the smoke just permeate their entire being and grow stale with it. This isn't everyone, I know. I know people who smoke that somehow manage not to stink. But those are magic people. Because cigarettes are a smelly business.

I will admit, though not philosophically anti tobacco, I have begun to find smoking less attractive in people. Once I see them light up a cigarette it just makes me wonder about their self care. But, in actuality I don't think much about it if people smoke. In fact, I really don't understand some of the smoking law pusher people who want to ban it. That seems a little bit on the fascist side to me. That is, until I walk my favorite hiking trail, looking down at all the cigarette butts of different brands, realizing it's far more than just one person who thumps, then further realizing I might have a dog in that fight after all.

I wish I could get this out to all the smokers in the world. I wish I could ask each and every one of you who just thumps their butt on our ground: For those of you who don't see it as litter...what in the hell do you think it is? And for those who know it's litter, what... in the HELL... is wrong with you?


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