Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Festival Promotes Healthy Environment, Body and Community! - @CukoRakko

People who attend Cuko Rakko Music and Arts Festival, one of the Southeast's newest and fastest growing gatherings, have several things in common. 

Of course, everyone wants to hear great music, buy some incredible art, hang out with good people and enjoy the usual festivities. 

But at a festival like Cuko Rakko, held in the pristine Horse Pens 40 park, protecting the environment and the land is just as important as is all the fun. In fact, upon entering the festival you will likely receive detailed instructions on what is and is not allowed with regard to treatment of the property. In fact, if you've met any of the Horse Pens 40 staff, you'll know just how friendly and helpful they are, as well as how much they love Horse Pens 40 and would not support Cuko Rakko if there wasn't such a commitment to the Earth.

It might surprise you how little impact will be left on Horse Pens 40 after so many people come, even after they have so much fun. But good spirit is one of the major components of Cuko Rakko, which leads to what they call that “magic feeling on the mountain."

An entire page of the Cuko Rakko website is devoted to the caring of the grounds. From Cuko Rakko Greening:
 "The CukoRakko Music & Arts Festival is extremely fortunate to be held inside of an established nature park that has a long history of ecology and music.  We humbly request that you use the website of this geological wonder,, to fully understand the parks rich history and rules.  We ask that glass either be left at home or inside of a car.  Please take appropriate action and see that all cigarette butts are not left on the ground and make it to a proper receptacle.
"CukoRakko Greening will include separation of mixed plastic, aluminum and cardboard at each refuse station inside the park. Other ways that we can make a difference is to rideshare with friends as well as the simple stuff, like putting the cap back on an empty water bottle or conserving water and packaging.  Let us leave the ground the way we found it, clean and beautiful!"
Harmony with body and mind is just as important as harmony with the land. 

A person with a healthy, clear mind will connect with others and with their surroundings in a much more vibrant and rewarding way. This is all part of the CukoRakko experience. 
The festival feeds the spirit, body and mind. 

Along with the various sounds one will hear, and interesting, thought provoking events such as metalworking by Sons of Vulcan, and glass blowing, there are healthy food options, which also just happen to taste amazing, and are affordable. And there are a number of challenging, heart pumping physical activities, such as rock climbing with First Avenue Rocks, disc golf, numerous children's activities and just lots and lots of hooping with Hoop for Fitness, a cornhole tournament and many, many hiking trails. And when you've pumped your blood through a few good times and you need to center yourself, there are several yoga sessions with Birmingham Yoga.

The organized drum circles taking place several times throughout the festival also offer a trance like quality, which can reset your mind, beating you back into balance. Or if any of these group activities don't appeal to you, there is so much nature around that one can get lost if that's what one needs. Horse Pens 40's famous rock formations allow for hours of tranquil roaming and introspection. 

Another great thing about Cuko Rakko is that this commitment to a community of mindfulness is year round. With partners like Alabama Outdoors and Coosa Riverkeeper, the Cuko Rakko partners list is full of people who care for, and work for the environment year round, hosting events, watching rivers. Cuko Rakko is part of a greater world of really caring what happens, and people who put their money where their mouths are. 

Here is a list of those who are supporting this festival. Scroll down it and go check them out.    

If you have yet to buy your ticket for this year's Cuko Rakko FallFest, follow this link for a discounted pass : "Secrets of Cuko Rakko"      

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