Tuesday, September 22, 2015

THANKS A LOT OBAMA! How the President Destroyed my Eggs with All His "Stupid Things He's Doing We Can Never Undo!"

OBAMA obviously ruining something
All the ways Obama is destroying America are not always immediately evident. Sometimes it's all the little things that make up the one big "destruction." As I'm sure many of you have experienced, Obama gets into EVERYTHING! While he has everyone looking at the big picture, praising him for making stuff "better," there are those of us, well...who actually know better. I don't know if we actually know "Better." But we know better! "Better" is getting hard to pinpoint, what with gas prices falling and people getting jobs and insurance and stuff...Seems like things are getting "Better." BUT, we know better.

The politicians who spend millions of dollars on campaigning to tell us how things are "Worse." Well, they don't seem to be able to explain "Better." So, we can't trust them. No, it's the simple people who can give you the answers.

The politicians and pundits are all trying to stick to some kind of message, a way they can sell you their line of talk. But the simple people, well, they can say what is what, simply. Sometimes very simply.

This, is a simple story. A story about how Obama destroyed my eggs. 

I need to start by explaining how "white" I am. I descend from Scottish, British, Northern European people, complete with pinkish skin, light and reddish hair, light colored eyes and a big ole' nose. Point is, I look like "that." I mean, I guess I look like "that." Because certain types of people have always felt comfortable walking up to me and saying the most incredibly ridiculous, ignorant things.

People assume, I guess, that I think like "that." Because I look like "that." But I think like "this." Which I have trouble broadcasting because people who think like "that" started to dress and look like "this." Certain people have always thought a little "that-sh" but dressed and looked "this-ish." Even people who think they think "this-ish" still, sometimes think "that-ish" without even knowing it. Hell, maybe even me. 

Suffice it to say, I try my best not to be "ignorant." 

So, all this rambling I'm doing is because I'm angry at OBAMA!

I guess I should probably call him President Obama, or at least Mr. Obama, but for some reason I feel I don't have to do that with him.

Anyway, so I go to pick up my eggs from my Egg Lady. I've been getting them from her for a few years now. We always have nice little chats. She really is a sweet lady. Like I was saying though, I drive over to buy a dozen and a half of her farm fresh eggs. I'm very particular about the eggs I buy, since I ingest them raw at times. So I checked out her operation before I ever bought my first egg from her. She runs a really nice operation by the way, free range, no poisons, no toxins, no extra crap in the feed.

So this time I'm driving my wife's car, a car the Egg Lady's never seen before. I'm usually in my Subaru, Outback, which frankly seems more "this-ish" than "that-ish" to me, so I'm not sure why this never came up before. My wife's car is somewhat smaller than mine. The nice Egg Lady mentions how cute the small car is. I agree and state that it gets better gas mileage than my car.

Well, given that the current price of gas is actually under $2.00 per gallon, I really have NO IDEA why the conversation goes the way it does. 

I mention something about how I think it would be nice if cars go to all electric because there are fewer moving parts, electricity can be generated from multiple sources, they're faster, quieter etc.

I don't have any idea, as I mentioned earlier, why the conversation takes the turn that it does. But frankly, I don't understand a great many reasons why people who think like "that" think the things they "think." She looks around, looks left, looks right, kind of looks like a drone is maybe flying over us recording our egg transaction,  and then says "I mean he's ruining everything. There's things he's doing that can't ever be undone. And this stuff with Iran..."

It's a really small thing. But it's a really big "thing." 

I do that terrible dance of one taken off guard where I stammer for a second then try to explain how I "don't trust any of them once they get elected." But the truth is, the way she is saying it, I really don't get it. But I know where she is going. She's heading into an Obama bashing moment and I have to redirect, redirect, redirect. 

It is one of those moments we've all experienced. The little sideways looks before she starts talking, looking for the drones, the ears, the "this" people. But I am a "this" people. I've been in these situations too often and I know where she's going. I explain how OPEC has their own agenda, how, really gas prices, even though they are low now, are not something presidents have direct control over. I say these things as I am backing away down her walkway and, as her face changes, either because she has made herself a "that" in my eyes, or I have become a "this" to her.

As I drive away in the car a sad realization overcomes me. It's such a small thing. Such a small moment. I try. I pride myself on not being "ignorant." And I can't be sure what exactly my conclusion is on that... except, I know, regardless of how I try to rise above, I will not ever feel comfortable buying eggs from her again.

It's just another "small this or that thing."


Thanks OBAMA!


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