Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why You Should Spend Just as Much Time on #Google+ as on #Facebook, if Not All/More

Find This Picture on Google+ and You've Made It
First off...I'm a simple American man. I don't like, or dislike change. I just don't want any more hassle than I have to deal with. 

Yes, my life is about first world problems. My complaints are based on first world comparisons. 

My ideas, stem from first world experiences. 

Second...I used to pick on Google+. I created my account early on, determined to get a jump on what I hoped would be the alternative to the Facebook we all love to hate. I tried it for a time...didn't like it. I set up some automated postings and ignored my account for, well, a really long time.

Frustrated with some of the minor elements that irritated me, small issues like the inability to paste text at times, and what seemed to be an overall strategy to direct everything into a very Google-centric world, I dismissed it as a refuge for the socially isolated techies of the world and returned to complaining about Facebook, on Facebook. 

Then, along came Ello. 

I rushed there just as I had to Google+. Surely here was the future rival of Facebook for a replacement face vacuum. But no, there was no suction to speak of, no spark. The interface was too sketchy, too clunky and the search capabilities were too limited, leaving me drifting onto the profiles of users I had absolutely no reason to follow, and no reason to care enough to create a reason. 

I have not checked my Ello account in months. Perhaps that will be my next post. But at the time I last checked it, I couldn't see any direction they could take it that would make it any more functional, without being a remake of some already existing platform.

Trust me, I'll go check soon. But for now, Ello isn't even making me curious. What did peak my interest was hearing of the recent troubles Google+ was having, seeking to diversify, or split up their divisions in order to make each group more palatable, profitable or whatever...Bottom line to me, as a user/consumer...more change. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind I had always hoped Google+ would somehow make some modifications or transition into something I could better relate to. But, to be honest, I think that was actually not exactly the outcome I needed.

I think what I needed was to watch Facebook make modifications and transition into something I could relate to FAR less than I could when it started. It has become so intent on directing and herding people through its monetary "boosting" system, and using algorithms to manipulate what used to be a much more organic reach. 

Facebook has squandered its potential to be a "positive" social platform.

Google+ isn't Jesus. It isn't Vishnu, or any avatar of some savior spirit. Don't get me wrong. But what Google+ is, actually, is simply a far better platform with a much better strategy. Why it has failed to take off to date? ...Facebook was here first. 

I'm only going to briefly mention the elements of Google+ that make it a superior platform, since I know if you haven't used it, you won't get it. And if you have used it, but have given up, it is probably because all the people you know don't use it. But I challenge you, if you currently use Facebook, go create a Google+ account, and spend at least as much time exploring the content and functionality available within the Google network, as you do arguing in Facebook comments, or feeling sick to your stomach over the last meme you saw.

Google+ offers many advantages over Facebook. Not only are you connected to all the other Google platforms, which form the Google network. But the Google+ platform in and of itself offers far more   options for posting, easier photo sharing, videos, seamless connection to Youtube, etc. And the speed and action of commenting, posting, 1-upping, etc is far more reliable and just never as glitchy.

Aside from directly linking to many other Google products you probably already use, it also offers very smooth social networking elements such as "communities" and different levels of association with other users. 

Something in the maturity of the platform, as well as the non-manipulative nature of a non-Facebook-algorithmic hell of sharing, herding, controlling input allows the user to see and share far less vacuous and frustrating posts. The interface is smooth. The resolution is always better. The air always smells a little fresher when I'm not on Facebook. 

Anyway. I implore you to rush over to Google+ as rapidly as you can. The only problem I have with it, is too many people are not there yet.       

Find me at  https://plus.google.com/+LeeWaitesDe-Alabama and I welcome you to add me to your "friends" circle.

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