Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here's What's Happening Dumbasses! And Why You Screwed Up! Merry Christmas!

Let me begin by apologizing. That's always the best way to start. 

I am sorry for this self indulgent rant of limited scope. 

I grant myself this Indulgence free of charge as a Christmas present to myself. 

For the record, by the way, I believe in neither Santa Claus nor in any mystical, ancient myth of some creator who looks like Santa Claus only super fit, flying a magical beast-drawn vessel before the moon! 

That said, let me explain a small, but situationally relevant portion of the dumb shit you are a part of.

The People of The United States have ceded their authority, what of it they ever actually had, to various interwoven power bases...corporations, the Pentagon, and the Illuminati (this last one I'm throwing in there for the fun of it, to increase Internet search engine results and because, like I said, this is a Christmas present to myself).

It's arrogant and unproductive to be scornful of the US population for their ignorance of many matters (obviously matters of which I feel I am less ignorant than most. So, so much for avoiding my own arrogance)
The campaign against better judgement has been well funded, relentless and ingenious, whether or not it actually is a conspiracy of lizard skinned aliens.  

1: The Process
Where we are in history, as citizens of the US, for better or for worse, is part of the most successful world power ever.
Our military has dominated the last hundred years, culminating into a virtually unstoppable leviathan force which can go anywhere, anytime and do just about anything military men have ever wanted to do. Of course, once they do, they create a myriad of problems with which they are ill equipped to deal. But that's sort of the plan.
Once "the enemy" is beaten, the bureaucracy rolls in stamping sheets of paper and dividing up the spoils between contractors who will solve the problems the military is so ill equipped to deal with. The army breaks it down, then the bureaucracy hands out the pieces so the contractors can build it back up, in our image as much as possible.
At this stage of the game it really makes no difference whether or not people approve of this process. We, as in all of humanity, are knee deep into it and there is no turning back. "The West" won the World, using superb propaganda, a sustainable and viral, although inherently flawed economic model, a combined military force which, in total, has actually dominated the world for over a century, with a few punctuated fluctuations due to infighting, and with a history of dishonest or at best, unrealized treaties, including agreements with our own people.

(I will often use "The West" and "The US" interchangeably, as they are in fact reflections at times, of the same entities, where the US is the dominant internal force of the Liberalized West. None of my opinions about the morality, ethics, or quality of outcome should be interpreted as inherently anti Western. In fact, I am guilty of believing in many of the ideals of both modern and classical Liberalism, viewing the world as a dangerous place which has always had brutal wars, despots, abominable human rights, disdain for the individual, be they man, woman, or child, and constant conflict for resources. The fact that Western countries have rolled the current ball is merely a pin point in the history of humanity. My own opinions lean in the direction that Democracy, when properly realized and protected from corruption, is the best answer for human governance. And Capitalism, well, some form of free trade, also protected from corruption I might add, is necessary and expected in the free human soul. The prettier, nicer sister of Capitalism, free and fair trade combine into one wholesome spirit, which is the one we, as a self respecting humanity, should ultimately marry.)

2: Victory 
The US has been compared by many to the ancient Roman Empire, of course, some with a positive spin, others a negative bent. Either way, although somewhat comparable, it might be better to relax the lines a bit and realize the powers in control of resources, including corporate and military ventures are somewhat amorphous at times, and somewhat stratigraphic as opposed to geographic, as has been the case throughout Western history. Royal families, manipulating regional conflicts like players of some board game gave way to the empowerment of the Lords, then the Landed Gentry, the Merchant Class, then morphing into mist like, ghost powers flowing through mutated corporate charters feeding "fiduciary responsibilities." The outcome is similar perhaps. World domination. 
Regardless of whether or not one believes the amorphous ideas of the West have a positive or negative influence on the outcome of humanity, it can't be denied that those ideas and values have won the day, if for no other reason than they now control, at the least, the questions, if not always the answers. Those who refuse to ask the questions and seek the answers laid out by Western values, well, those elements are annihilated.
An argument for another day is the progression of the power base. Will the people as a whole ever actually wrest control from the higher strata of the Western economies?  Given that this outcome is in fact dependent on changing demographics and the currently rapidly shifting sands of populations in flux, only time will tell.
But defining exactly what we are, or divining exactly where we are going from here is not a prerequisite component of our need to understand that the West is currently and for the foreseeable future, "the victor" in world affairs. Given the ideals of Democracy and the control through the power of the voting booth, either actual or perceived, the force of progression is in the hands of Western populations who either feel as if they are in control of their governments or are in control, the latter being a sentiment that seems less prevalent today.
This control, again, whether actual or perceived, is the element against which those cultural forces not in line with the prescribed Westernization strike out. Terrorist attacks, although not understood by most Western citizens, are in fact the hopeless attempts of dying regimes and ideas lashing out with their last breath at the only thing they can reach. You and me. 
They cannot hope, as I might add neither can you or I at this point, to sway the progression of the leviathan or the following horde of culture. Their world is dying and it results in three very natural and predictable outcomes, submission, fight, or flight.
Thus, we have created, through our success, our problems, and theirs. This is Victory.
3: Arrogance
Arrogance and intolerance go together like ebony and ivory, only less melodic and more... what's the word? ...Evil.
The modern power of the West lies more in ideas, and in ideals than in tanks and bombs. In fact, though the tanks and bombs have in some instances opened up the way for our cultural manipulations and infiltration, the organic spread of Western ideas is by far the more potent and sustainable force for globalization.
Again, the fact that Western cultural ideas have so readily spread across the globe is a sign of their strength. The West, in many instances it must be recognized, in no way invented much of the ideals to which we as a culture subscribe. And we do not often fully adhere to these ideals. The main component of the power of Western thought, in fact, has been the adherence to inclusiveness. Of course this statement only relates to a post World War II West, and only in as much as we have glorified our own successes at human rights and minimized our multitude of abominable failures. This doesn't mean the culmination of the ideals we now hold are inferior, simply that, in their current form are still in infancy, as well as the reflection of ideas reincarnate from other struggles throughout history. This is why the tune resonates with so many. Though the current song is new, the notes are old, and beloved by any good person.
For years we have admonished and implored those in the world who were not singing, "Join our song! Join our chorus." And now, with victory at hand, this has begun. China, though still, and certainly always to be unique, has Westernized its architecture, clothing, culture, military, economy, you name it. Though Asia is growing, Asia is trending, it is all part and parcel of the greater trend of Westernization. We have shown that we will brook no peers to our military might. Yet, in this mimicry of Western strategy and tactics, that is exactly what China is becoming. This is in fact...submission.
The hold outs of the entrenched Middle Eastern, Arab countries are even falling into the flow. And there lies the current rub. With the complete and utter, and fairly mismanaged, destruction of the old power bases of the Middle East, those strident hold outs, still adherent to the old paradigm have entrenched themselves and their antiquated, near dead ideas and bodies to repel the uncompromising, unstoppable onslaught of the coming finalization of Westernization. Mayhem and destruction rule in the final days of the old order of repression and theocratic narcissism. But those innocent victims, those fleeing families and needy Western converts who would so love to have TVs and microwaves, clean water and the vote, come streaming out of these fallen countries, come running to the light. And what do we do? We turn them back.
This is the arrogance of which I speak. The power of "Liberator" vs the arrogance of "Invader" or "Occupier." No one can deny the West has won. In fact...people are flocking to enjoy our freedoms, our quality of life.
Controlling the flow is crucial, of course. Controlling the terrorist agendas of some violent extremists hiding in the flock of their victims...of course that is crucial too. But if we follow the commentary of the American Exceptionalism expressed in so many negative comments and inflammatory rhetoric directed at the very people we claim to be helping then our presence becomes more a product of forcing assimilation than assisting in liberation.
People from all over the world have been sold an idea, including citizens of Western countries, about Western ideals, from which support has been garnered. We must follow through on these ideals.
When individuals bring their cultural influences into Western countries it has been almost entirely for the benefit of our culture. So the idea that others are invading, or stealing our resources or culture, which is espoused by many to incite a fear response in the electorate, is just too far from the truth. Of course we need to isolate the violent, anti-democratic elements, even so far as to influence the effective reach of newcomers' political participation in Western governmental affairs. We don't have to let people in and immediately give them voting rights or 40 acres and a mule. But we need to allow only strategies on the side of assistance and welcoming. The positive side of that line can and will be rife with details, debate, fine tuning and mistakes. But it is the only moral approach to the new world.
4: Secularism 
If nothing else, the current crises and the involvement of and positioning in religious dogma fully highlights the need for only secular governments.
Secular Governments by their very nature are far more capable of protecting the rights of religious diversity than any theocracy could ever hope. Abuses of power, corruption, manipulation all seem to constantly creep into politics at any level. Religion has no place in that mix for so many reasons.
Some people who have enjoyed the prosperity and relative freedom from repression offered by the predominately secular Western governments often decry the lack of God in their Parliaments and Houses. But the very right to speak out is protected by these same "Godless" institutions. Attempting at every turn to slip some element of religion back into our government, many people fail to realize the damage that would cause and what temporary good it would do even their limited agendas.
Just look at the infighting among the nations who do lean heavily on their religious scriptures and theocratic governments. There is constant turmoil in an attempt to right ancient wrongs, interpret different passages, protect imagined sanctities. At the very least, providing some unspecific tribute to some potential deity could be tolerated. But in fact, without direct severance of government affiliation with religious agendas there will never be true religious freedom. If history, and the current crises around the world have taught us one thing, it is that change and control is never a one way street. Religious influence on Governments equals Government influence on religion. And then we have to ask...which religion wins, which denomination? 
Embracing differences is very gratifying when one opens their mind to the positive influences available through inclusiveness. Other cultures share with us their food, their songs, their dances, their stories and their blood when necessary. They arrive, become, and fight along side of us. That is the real story of immigration. 

So much fear surrounds the potential failure of the American way of life. But, in fact, that is the American way of life. We learn, live, succeed and fail together. These are the strengths of inclusiveness that have allowed us to become the dominant force for almost everything in the world today. If we give that up, we have lost. To not be the us that is and has become the US through trial, and error, and sacrifice and bleeding... That would be something other than what we are, which would mean we no longer are. 

It's time we honestly admit that we are an imperial force in the world, that our ideas and culture have spread and infiltrated almost every other corner of the globe, and therefore we have a responsibility to follow through. There can be no doubt that this follow through must contain honest, straight forward, constructive dealings, which have been the hallmark of any positive advances made since World War II. Just look to the strong ties of the former enemies of that conflict, who came together to be part of the democratized world and major driving forces of the global economy.

America is in charge of the skies and the seas. OK. Let's admit what the rest of the world knows. Now let's stick to the power, that gave us that power. That is the power of fairness, inclusivity and human rights. This paved the way for our success and will provide for all future success and sustainability. 

None of the rhetoric I hear today bothers to paint a clear and full picture. Too much pandering and posturing. Too much pulling for, or to, one side or the other. We need to mature as a country. We need to admit as a country. We need to commit as a country.

Yes! We have screwed the pooch on many issues. But until we pull together and stop responding to politicians who divide us into childish groups, sitting at different tables, whining and bitching like infants, we will continue to cause them to do that very thing. They respond to our responses. It is a ridiculous cycle.

Perhaps that is just the kind of divisiveness that the Illuminati wishes to instill in their subjects. It will make it easier for them to hide their lizard skin if we are too distracted to notice. 

By the way...Merry Christmas!      

(PS. If this was not adequately specific or you cannot glean from it the subtle inference of answers please remember it was primarily a rant and you're dumb.)  

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