Thursday, February 25, 2016

#ELECTION2016! Can We Just Get a Do Over? Obviously Something is Broken

I don't care where you stand on issues, or who your candidate is. I imagine there are times we have all sat watching this primary cycle and just shaken our heads in disbelief.

I admit it! I absolutely have my candidate! 

I don't fall in the camp of those who don't see an answer in any of the selections. But, and that's a BIG but. And I love big buts and I cannot lie. Many of my fellow citizens feel completely without representation. And that's a big problem.

Even those who have a champion in this fight seem to feel the process is inherently flawed.

I would LOVE for my candidate to get elected and change the country "for the better!" But is that likely to even happen this time around? No matter who we get in the White House... it's doubtful.  

We have been moving in this direction for years and frankly, this circus was predictable. Given the extreme unpopularity of George W. Bush and the fact that name recognition is most definitely a major factor in sinking his brother Jeb's candidacy, we need look no further back than the Bush era tactics for the seeds of our current crop of crap. His was the culmination of arrogance which saw a complete disregard for the will of so many American people. And his administration was the center of corrupt ineptitude. Hell, even the republican voters know that. They might not admit it openly. But their treatment of Jeb Bush screams it loudly.   

I know we can go even further back, and find examples of the partisan schism in our society, where we have become so polarized we have created two distinctly different societies at war with each other. We long ago lost common ground where a single president or party could expect some sort of respect or support from those on "the other side."

It was only recently that nearly half of our fellow citizens would always feel disenfranchised and excluded from any choice in the public sphere. Now...those two halves have themselves, not only split, but splintered, which was an obvious outcome.

We will, in the inevitable outcome of this election cycle, install a weakened leader. The infighting of each party, and the struggle between them will ensure we continue our slip into political decay.

The Democratic Party, by maintaining the superdelegate system has guaranteed the alienation of nearly an entire generation which has come out in massive numbers to support the "grass roots candidate" Bernie Sanders. 

The DNC has taken steps to defeat
any possible candidate for change, in favor of establishment candidates who don't have to compete on a level playing field. They have guaranteed control of their party by their corporate sponsors and party insiders in opposition to the will of the people, blatantly so, without remorse or compromise. Even if Sanders manages to pull out a victory, it would be obvious the cards of any true policy changes would be stacked against him.

The Sanders supporters, likewise, will brook no interference in the master plan of redefining the party, the process and the potential for social revolution. They are entrenched.

The GOP? 

I don't have to explain it to anyone. Even though people see the GOP circus from different seats. They all see the circus. And unfortunately it's as if the clowns and animals have all gone insane and are turning on the audience. There is a massacre in the works, a trampling, a trouncing of the party and the country. This is inevitable.

Any way you look at it we have created a shit storm. And we're all caught in it.

What can be done? This answer, unfortunately will need to play out over a long period of time. Americans don't like that.

Of course, what WILL be done is one candidate will win the primaries on each side, then turn his or her message to their broader target audience. They will repaint themselves as the great healer. They will espouse their plan to repair the divisiveness. Bring "our great nation" back together...that sort of thing.

But, what will really happen will most likely be more ineffective government focused on squabbling and self interest. When people feel they are out of control things get, well, out of control. Unfortunately it isn't just a feeling, it's fact.

Either we will have the GOP corporate sponsors, or we will have the DNC corporate sponsors. That is how our government will "work."

Those who have been predicting a police state to control the masses on behalf of the corporate overlords will have a field day. And hell, they might be right. But more likely than that, as corporations are want to do...they will try and SELL US SOMETHING! They will sell the "idea" that things are working. That is their nature. And we...we will buy it. 

Why? Because we are consumers. We let them buy and sell everything, including us and the future of our country. At least that is how it has been for the longest time. Generation after generation we have grown to worship the transaction.  

Speaking of generations. That Millennial generation, what will they be doing?  What they have been all along I assume. They will watch. Hopefully they will continue to act.

If we're lucky their generation will learn more than they will be taught. Because, as of late, the teaching skills of our nation have been somewhat lacking.

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