Monday, February 8, 2016

Introducing the New and Improved Sunvarmint Ethereal Content Hub! *With Amazing ALL-NEW Etherealicity Compound Z*

My Uncle Freddy used to tell us stories about my long lost older brother, Tom. I never met Tom. I wondered at times if he was just made up. But who cares, right?

According to Uncle Freddy, Tom was sitting by the river fishing for cats one day when he saw the strangest thing. A rabbit came running by holding a stopwatch. 

This rabbit was mumbling something to himself about having committed some kind of murder or something, and some other crazy stuff which seemed to change each time Uncle Freddy told the story. 

Anyway, Tom decided he needed to follow this crazy rabbit to see what was what. He did, and he slipped in the mud and fell into a hole. All kinds of crazy stuff happened to Tom down in that hole. Some of it didn't make any sense at all. And sometimes just before Uncle Freddy would go to sleep on account of finishing his bottle of Jim Beam, the stories would kind of get really strange. Tom sometimes dressed like a lady, talked to frogs and fish and any manner of junk. 

Anyway. Those stories inspired me to see the world more like Tom did. And to look for the tiny, escapie kinds of things, that take us into little places and holes where we can all find talking frogs and stuff. It's all there. 

Follow this guide to find the rabbit holes and just kind of mess around till you feel bored. Then do whatever you want to. I don't care. If I see you there I guess we can wave at each other or something. Them holes is always popping up somewhere or another. So I made this one spot where you can start.

Click here to begin:    

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