Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#Clinton, #Trump, #Stein, #Johnson and These Terriers I Used to Know

I'll keep this short.
I've always been a walking kind of fella. I walk all over the place, down alleys, into creeks, you name it.

I've never been an especially angry person. I get angry. I've gotten really angry. I've hit people with my fists and jumped on them and stuff. But that's really, really rare. It has always taken someone hitting me first for me to hit them. But yes, I get angry. And I "get" angry.

The American people are angry.

Not many of the American people I know are not angry; Angry at bankers, angry at politicians, angry at groups, angry at ideas, angry at change and angry at the status quo.

I used to go for long walks, like I said.

There was this one house I used to walk by. It had these two little terriers in the back yard. They would get furious at me for walking by.

They would growl, and bark and run around the fence. They hated me on the sidewalk.
They would chase me around from inside the fence until I was past. Then, realizing they could not get to me, they would get frustrated and turn on each other. They would tear at each other and get into a ferocious fight. It was kind of sad. And it was kind of funny.




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