Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Call Us #Liberal #Libtard #Snowflake! But We Know Every Single Death in America is a #Republican's Fault!

Here's the problem. It's been mentioned many times. So this is nothing new. But it's getting worse. Republicans are the most dishonest people on the planet. 

It used to be that some of the less well educated Republicans could be heard blasting "libtards" for some perceived slight, feeling judged for their own hatred, the old "tolerate my intolerance or you are not tolerant" lie. 

It used to be that some Republicans passed on unsubstantiated news from sources like Breitbart, or from various other tabloids actually popular enough to provide print versions in the supermarket checkout line. The key word here is "some."

Now every single Republican who is still a Republican and who has refused outright exodus from that party currently propped up by lies is part of a system of sustained, sensationalist, unfounded propaganda. The entire GOP is currently held together by the glue of lies from right wing, fake news outlets.

These outlets DO NOT report news, but rather wrap up a hateful war cry in falsified stories and opinions which pander to the worst in people. Unlike Fox News, which for all its shortcomings, all its complicity in creating this environment of ignorance, these new hate mongers do not even attempt to qualify their drivel as "opinion," but rather pass off their lies as news.

Fox News could always be counted on for duplicity in cherry picking coverage of news then handing off their coverage to propaganda spewing spin doctors. Technically they drew a line between news and opinion. Granted, it was a horizontal, connecting line, not a wall. But it was nonetheless at least some form of division. Not anymore. The effect of Judge Napolitano's falsehoods on the feeble mind of Donald Trump proves how the lines between Fox News and Fox "opinion" have blurred, at least to their initiates.  

Following the example of Fox News, these new "fake news" outlets blur the lines between news and propaganda until it is unrecognizable. They are obvious fronts for white supremacists and political operatives. This is what it is. It's propaganda. As their defense they decry the established news outlets as, to every man, woman and editor, having left wing bias. Since there are actually some conservative news outlets who recognize the danger of this and call out these liars, "the media" is lumped into one giant ball by this propaganda strategy.

In the minds of their foolish followers, no one can be trusted but these liars who spew the opinions and drivel which they find tasty. Barring some miracle, minds that stoop to following these propaganda outlets are doomed to wander in the darkness of ignorance, guided into the hell of idiocy by their masters.

It used to be that "news" of the strange, bizarre and uncommon were just that. In a world packed with daily events, with good things and bad things happening, the news would treat rare occurrences as what they are, rare, exceptions to the rule. But now, given the actual numbers and statistics of overall crime reduction these outlets are required to put a magnifying glass onto every event which possibly lends credence to their propagandistic goals. They lie about Muslims, they inflate statistics, they misrepresent situations and in general spout what has historically been known by all good people as nonsense. 

Further, as the outlandish affronts to our democracy increase under this administration, these outlets are required to turn up the heat.

The President is accused of some misdeed or mistake, BAM! We get inundated with stories about the worst liberals available. And surely they can be found, either too weak or corrupt to properly defend themselves or any question put to them. They are the distraction. But the problem is, they are being used to distract from the larger corruption in the White House.

Liberals are notoriously corrupt. 


Is it strange to say that?


Conservatives likewise are notoriously corrupt. 

Is that a contradiction? 


Many of the politicians who have risen to power have issues. That's terrible. But it's true. This is the truth underlying the lie that these outlets use to brainwash their sheep. They can cherry pick those people or policies that back up their argument, and using zero journalistic integrity, just hammer their lies into the soft heads of their willing recipients. It doesn't matter what the policies are anymore. Find one example of a flaw and blow it up. From then on hammer, hammer, hammer. Policies that actually help people get smashed to pieces. And some misguided people help with the smashing.  

These liars are an infestation in our democracy. This sounds like a sensationalist statement. And no self respecting journalist wants to sound so unreasonable. A few have gone out on that limb and claimed to see these dangers to democracy, both from the left and the right. It's obvious to any who pay attention. But that isn't going to solve the problem. Journalists can't compete in the growing world of the street fighting blogosphere. And the simple fact that some of these illegitimate outlets are now in the White House briefings is a step among too many toward normalizing their bad behavior.  

How do we reach those people stupid enough to trust Fox News, or worse yet, Breitbart, when they have an ally in all Republicans? And these two examples don't even begin to scratch the surface of  outlets spewing either lies or highly questionable information. They are legion. How can we, as a society, counter the movement into the stupidsphere, of which at the heart of this surge of Republican onslaught of the truth?

The problem: Each foray into their world both undermines the credibility of those willing to dirty themselves in the muck and lends credence, in the ears of the easily manipulated right wing acolytes, to the argument that the left is engaging in some conspiracy. They have proven that only the words and thoughts they want to hear are acceptable to them and they are willing, able and eager to dismantle all accepted understandings of truth. So how do we reach them?

The answer:  We can't. The more we struggle to reach into their world the further they will slip away on skids greased by their information overlords. They will instinctively shy away from the painful light of truth and facts using alternative facts and craftily constructed psycho babble. All we can do is watch and continue to build on the knowledge of those of us not lost in the haze of lies breathed out of the beast of fake news. 

And we can hope.

These souls are lost. Only they can find their way back. the only strategy available to us is to keep the light on.

And headlines, click bait? That's just the candy coating needed for idiots to eat. That can't be helped.